The Number One Benefit of Accepting Health Insurance in your Nutrition Private Practice

Raise your hand if you like free money? 


I do! I do! 


Would you believe me if I told you that just by accepting health insurance in your nutrition private practice you could literally pay your bills. Skeptical? I might be. But trust me on this one guys.


Getting an ‘in’ with insurance companies can be highly profitable 


Last week on the blog, we were chatting about the importance of establishing strong mutually beneficial professional relationships with your ideal customer’s healthcare team. If you missed it you can read the article here


Like I had mentioned, a sizable portion of my patient volume is solely generated from doctor referrals. Can you say, “Hello FREE marketing?” These are doctors who are familiar with my practice and my team and TRUST and VALUE our services enough to send their patient directly our way. 


So keeping that in mind can you guess where the next largest source of FREE direct referrals come from? Insurance companies.


Accepting health insurance in your nutrition private practice can be an absolute game changer for your practice. I would go out on a limb and say about 90 % of all patients seen by the fabulous dietitians at The Plano Program use insurance for their nutrition visits. And while we do in fact self-pay clients (ones that pay out of pocket) – the local insurance companies literally pay the bills. 


So remember last week I was saying that once doctors recognize the ‘mad skills’ you offer as a Dietitian they will essentially become your biggest cheerleader? Well the same thing can kinda, sorta happen with the health insurance companies you decide to participate with. 


Let me explain. 


By accepting health insurance in your nutrition private practice you get free advertising 


After you are credentialed and contracted with each insurance company you are automatically listed in the company’s online directory. Then when someone goes to search for a dietitian on their plan and in your ‘area’ – your smiling face pops up. Well, maybe not actually your pretty little face – but you get the gist!  


Depending on the month, I would say I average about 10 new clients who are sent to my nutrition practice directly from the insurance companies. Some months more! While that may not seem like enough patients to keep the lights on – think again boss. Ten new initial patients averages out to at least $1,500 in reimbursement per month. 


accepting health insurance in your nutrition private practice



But wait for it. It’s coming. Because you know I am a BIG picture type of girl. That equates to about an extra $18,000 per year for just participating as a provider. Not. Too. Shabby. 


Now ask me how much money I put towards my ‘marketing’ budget to earn that dough? Nada. Zilch. 



Getting credentialed – the elephant in the room


And now can I address the elephant in the room – the one thing many of you are thinking about but feel awkward asking because you don’t want to sound like a weenie? 


Isn’t getting credentialed with the insurance companies painfully hard


The short answer is “no.” But trust me girl, I completely understand how the credentialing process may seem like a mystery for many dietitians. But believe me when I tell you it’s not. 


Like seriously rock star RD you have been through much harder things ♥


Completing your dietetic internship. Hard. 


Passing your board certification exam for your speciality. Hard. 


Going to Trader Joes and not buying every single new item. Hard.  Well maybe not as hard as # 1 and # 2 but challenging to say the least.  


accepting health insurance in your nutrition private practice


However, trust me when I tell you I totally get it. The whole process of getting credentialed with insurance companies can be a real killjoy. 


The Reimbursement Dietitian can help


But it doesn’t have to be. I offer fu Group Reimbursement Coaching programs that walk you through EVERY single step from pre-credentialing to showing you the step-step process of submitting a claim. 


Want in on this epic group reimbursement coaching program?


Click HERE to apply for my Group Reimbursement Coaching Program.


Let’s review your goals and see if accepting insurance in your practice might be an awesome fit.


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