How to Secure Nutrition Referrals Like a Boss

Last week I got hit by a firetruck.

This week I am rocking a side pony.

Curious what I mean? Check out the video below if you would like a good laugh!

Are you feeling bad for this chick yet?

Please don’t.

It’s September and all is good over here at The Reimbursement Dietitian. The weather is finally starting to chill the f*ck out, the semester is off to a seemingly good start and my nutrition private practice is booming. Grateful. Blessed. Happy. Period.

However, I can remember a time in my practice when I used to wonder, “How the hell am I going to get patients?” I knew what I had to offer as a Registered Dietitian was above awesome – but in order to make some mullah, I had to score some patients. Duh! I needed to hustle for some nutrition referrals.

So what did I do?

I turned to the professionals – literally for my nutrition referrals.

I made a list of ALL the wellness professionals with who my target population associated themselves with and established mutually beneficial partnerships. Let me provide you with some examples to get your gears turning.

So, my patient avatar is women with PCOS who want/need to lose weight. Therefore, some of the professionals who these lovely ladies frequent from time to time include:

nutrition referrals

In search of nutrition referrals, I started by reaching out to the various wellness professionals who collectively serve women with PCOS. Initially, I focused on what appeared to be the biggest of the practices on my list. I based this conclusion on the number of providers each practice. I put together small packets with my business cards, rack cards and a quick little note on my letterhead telling them the following:

  • Who I was
  • Where I was located
  • What insurances I accepted
  • Exactly how their patients can get in touch with my practice to schedule an appointment

And most IMPORTANTLY: I told the provider very specifically HOW my services could benefit their patient population.

What Didn’t I do?

I didn’t stalk them (that could have been fun!)

I didn’t send them CBD laced brownies (I wasn’t willing to share)

Nor did I send them any form of Edible Arrangements (I am not THAT dietitian. I would rather bake you a cake than give you mealy fruit)

I simply let them know I was “there” and made them aware of the potentially fabulous relationship we could have. Dreamy in fact!

So, what happened next?

I know you are hanging on the edge of your seats wondering if there is a happy ending. Girlfriend, of course, there is!

While it may not have happened overnight – I gradually became known as The PCOS Dietitian.

And guys guess what?

The doctors (many who had NEVER. EVER. met me) actually started doing my marketing for me. They did so by establishing credibility for me. You see (MOST) patients respect what their health care provider says. If doctor so and so, says you are the BEST and to make an appointment ASAP. You do that often not asking any questions.

And of course, you have to over-deliver those results. But that is the easy part. You are frigging dietitian skilled at your craft. Getting the nutrition referrals – not so easy

Now, nutrition referrals are the bread and butter of my practice. And while many of our patients come from the same referral channels, we also get tons of new patients from docs we never met. Because well, just like us dietitians gossip, so do they. And trust me – it pays to be at the center of their gossip!

So my advice to you – get that referral form ready. You are going to need it.

Hugs & High Fives – Amy

P.S. Don’t have a referral form? Check out The Reimbursement Dietitian – Starter Pack with all the necessary forms, documents, and resources (Over 20 documents!) you NEED to get your practice up and running.

P.P.S. Have patients who are struggling with PCOS and need guidance? My book Treating PCOS with The DASH Diet is available on Amazon for pre-order. Whoot! Whoot!

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