Telehealth for Dietitians

Telehealth for Dietitians – What’s the Deal?



Holy whoa March. You threw us some curveballs. But April my friend us RDNs are coming for you with vengeance. And we are starting the month off right by getting down and dirty with the deets regarding telehealth for dietitians. So with that being said let’s get the party started. 



Hands up for RDNs Collaborating



True story. 


As a private practice dietitian, I am a LITTLE bit of a loner. 


Well. I guess it would be more accurate to say I am a TOTAL loner. 


You see, when you work in the world of private practice it is often YOU against the world. 


Especially in the world of insurance reimbursement. 


When I started my practice in 2007 I knew no other dietitians in private practice. 


So I stumbled, fumbled & made EVERY single possible mistake possible. 


Things that should have taken seconds to complete – took me days. If not months. 

Telehealth for Dietitians



These are just a couple of the descriptive terms that come to mind when I think of my early beginnings as an insurance-based dietitian. 


Enter a Community of Like-minded Dietitians


So, you can imagine my delight when I discovered social media accounts on places like Facebook & IG where dietitians in the world of insurance & reimbursement come together on the daily and openly discuss issues we are facing as insurance-based private practice RDs. 


These social spaces have become my savior and the dietitians in these groups I am happy to call my sistas from other mistas. 


This week I had the pleasure of serving on a panel of these reimbursement dietitian experts.


I was honored, humbled & excited – all at the same time. 


These dietitians are freakin’ bosses. 



Telehealth for Dietitians – We Break it Down for You


Six of us came together with the shared purpose of educating and bringing RDNs up to speed with the current changes in telehealth. And we created a video that summarizes EVERYTHING you need to know about the current changes in insurance reimbursement for dietitians. 



In our video we go over the following:


  • WHAT every RDN NEEDs to know about telehealth right NOW
  • HOW telehealth for dietitians needs to be billed and coded to get paid FAST
  • HIPPA requirements for telehealth for dietitians
  • Documentation requirements for telehealth for dietitians
  • How to get your patients on board with telehealth
  • How to work with the aging populations and telehealth
  • And much, much more


There has NEVER. EVER. been a better time to be an insurance-based dietitian. 


Our nutrition services are NEEDED more than ever in pretty much every area of the population. Plus, almost ALL major insurances are covering telehealth with no co-pay or cost-share required.


Need help getting credentialed, learning how to bill and make the cheddar you deserve as a dietitian? Click HERE to apply to my coaching programs. #igotyoudietitian


–> –> –> Click HERE to watch the Telehealth for Dietitians video.


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  1. I’ve been told that I need to use my home address as place of service on my claims (rather than business address) when working telehealth at home – that is is required by insurance to do so. Is this true? Would CAQH need to be updated for practice location? Would my address be protected from public view? AHHH! Say it ain’t so!

    • Hi Meghan – you need to use whatever address you credentialed & contracted with in box 32. That is the ONLY address that will be accepted. If you put your home address in box 32 on the CMS 1500 form and it is not on file as one of your office locations – the claim will get denied. So you HAVE to use whatever address you used when you got your contract. You can change it but you need to #1 change the new address in CAQH and then #2 call each insurance company and update with them as well (usually you need to fill out demographic paperwork)

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