How to choose the best EMR for dietitians

It’s your girl Amy P. The Reimbursement Dietitian. I help simplify the reimbursement process for dietitians. 


And today I want to talk about EMRs. 


I get a TON of questions from RDs about how to choose the best EMR for dietitians. 


But in full transparency, I didn’t start using an EMR until 2020 for my GROUP-based insurance practice. 


Why you might ask?


Because I didn’t need one. And you don’t need one as well. 


But does using an EMR make the flow of your practice much more efficient? 


It sure does. 


However, for many years I used a HIPAA-compliant platform to schedule and collect forms and a clearinghouse (Office Ally) to process all of my insurance claims.


My system worked. 


But one day I decided to try an EMR and ever since then I can’t imagine running my practice without one. 


Since then I have used ALL the EMRs on the market for dietitians. So in my reimbursement coaching programs, I can teach you on any platform you choose to use. 


Watch this 8-minute video below where I provide you with some helpful tips on determining the best EMR for dietitians. 

Spoiler alert: There is NO best EMR for dietitians. 


So the best one is the one that works BEST for YOUR practice.


Right now we use IntakeQ and Office Ally. 


Before that, we used Simple Practice. 


Both were totally sufficient.


In my practice, we just need the basics. While you may need or want more. That is totally cool!


So hopefully this video provided a little overview of what you want to be looking for when determining what EMR to use for your practice.


If you need a little more handholding in my Reimbursement Coaching Program, I literally provide a step-by-step process for how to select and USE the popular EMRs. I know it can be overwhelming so I am THERE for it! 


Click HERE to apply to my epic program. 


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