how to bill insurance for couples

Are you are Registered Dietitian who bills insurance and is wondering exactly how to bill insurance for couples? Please know you are NOT alone. I would have to say this is one of the most frequently asked questions I receive as a reimbursement coach to hundreds of rock-star dietitians. 


Hi, I am Amy Plano, The Reimbursement Dietitian. Through my epic online resources, I simplify the reimbursement process for all dietitians.


Trust me. I get it. Learning how to bill for one person can feel 50-shades-of-messed up when you are new to billing insurance. Let alone trying to navigate counseling and billing for insurance-based visits for couples. 


So in this quick video, I am going to do my best to break down the process of exactly how to bill insurance for couples. Obviously, with most things related to insurance, there will ALWAYS be exceptions to how to proceed. But this video will provide dietitians with the basics. 

In this video, I address the following questions.


  • Do you have to see patients requesting a joint appointment together?
  • What CPT codes are suggested to bill for insurance visits for couples?
  • What forms are required of EACH patient?
  • How much time do you need to spend with each patient?


I hope this quick little video on how to bill insurance for couples was helpful. If you know a dietitian colleague who you think could benefit from this material would you please share this blog with them? You can use the share links below. I struggled SO much when I first started my insurance-based private practice. And I don’t want any other dietitian to struggle. So please, please, please share. You never know who this information might help. 


We all know that knowledge is power. So if there is anything I can do to help regarding billing insurance for couples please drop your questions in the comments below

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