dietitians looking for office space : key questions to ask.

Are you one of the many dietitians looking for office space ?


On the hunt for the perfect spot?


Did you read my last blog on how insurance companies are no longer allowing dietitians to be just virtual? If you missed it you can can read it HERE.


Do you feel totally overwhelmed by the while process? Not sure exactly what types of questions to be asking?


If this sounds like you then don’t stress. Amy Plano, The Reimbursement Dietitian, has got you covered. I have been in your (cute) shoes so I know exactly how this process can feel.


dietitians looking for office space
Yes. This me in my REAL office 🙂 slaying away!


When looking for office space, it’s crucial to ask the right questions to ensure it meets your needs. Here are key considerations for dietitians looking for office space to optimize your search and minimize expenses. Asking the right questions can save you time, money, and headaches down the road.


dietitians looking for office space: what you need to know


Here’s a comprehensive list to guide your search:


  1. Size Matters: Start small and comfortable. You can always scale up later.
  2. Included Amenities: What does the rent cover? Internet, front desk services, utilities, equipment?
  3. Furniture: Will you need to furnish the office or is it fully equipped?
  4. Tax Responsibilities: Who handles taxes, you or the landlord?
  5. Maintenance: Who is responsible for repairs and replacements?
  6. Snow Removal: Is it included or an additional cost?
  7. Facilities: Access to a bathroom? Who restocks supplies?
  8. Accessibility: Is the space handicap accessible as per ADA requirements?
  9. Space Access: Are there limitations on when you can use the space?
  10. Cost Structure: Pay per client or a fixed monthly fee?
  11. Client Restrictions: Any limitations on seeing outside clients?
  12. Lease Terms: Duration and flexibility of lease agreements?
  13. Breaking Lease Terms: Know the consequences and fees.
  14. Noise Levels: Is it quiet when you need it to be?
  15. Parking: Availability, cost, and accessibility of parking spaces.
  16. Accessibility: Elevator access and floor level considerations.


By asking these questions, you’ll ensure the office space aligns with your needs and budget, setting you up for success in your new workplace.


Cheers to your success.


dietitians looking for office space

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