Video: How to Start Crushing it in Private Practice

Are you a new dietitian looking to accept insurance in your private practice?


Then, girl, you have come to the right place. In this 2 hour video (holy crazy content!), I give you the 411 on everything dietitians need to know to start accepting insurance in your practice right NOW. I give it to you straight, only like a true reimbursement dietitian veteran can do. There is no ‘fluff’ here I promise. Just everything you need to know if you are a dietitian looking to accept insurance.

dietitian looking to accept insurance


Insurance rates for dietitians are awesome. I make 5-6 times more than I did as a clinical dietitian. That is crazy! In addition, billing is easy and seamless when you have easy to follow systems. Most patients have unlimited visits for MNT with no co-pay AND no deductible. Plus, right now as an RD, you can counsel and bill insurance from the comfort of your own jammies.


This video provides dietitians the following information:


  1. Education on how the insurance ‘game’ for dietitians has changed
  2. Bust many of the myths you have likely heard surrounding dietitians & accepting insurance
  3. The 6 steps dietitians can take right NOW if to start accepting insurance


Click HERE to watch the video: How to Start Crushing it in Private Practice using a Health-Insurance Based Model

Need a little additional support? Click HERE for some helpful documents to help you in getting started with accepting insurance.


Please note that the bonus offers I mentioned in this video are no longer available. They were only available to the dietitians who listened to the live webinar.


But don’t let that stop you from applying to my coaching program. Click HERE for all the details of this awesome program. This program teaches you everything you need to know about HOW to get credentialed, bill insurance, and make the money you deserve as an RD.


No more spinning your wheels, just systems and strategies that work.


Ready to start accepting insurance in your practice asap? Click HERE to see if you might be a good fit for my GROUP coaching program.



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