The Reimbursement Dietitian - Starter Pack

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The Reimbursement Dietitian – Starter Pack hooks you up with all the necessary forms, documents, and resources (Over 20 documents!) you NEED to get your practice up and running. From office policies to invoices and receipts, to sample rate sheets as well as resources for legal compliance, The RD Boss Starter Pack delivers everything you need for your practice in one seamless download.

Download Includes

  • A customizable MNT superbill template (word) plus AWESOME bonus content Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About MNT Superbills and More! (pdf)
  • A customizable HIPAA Privacy Practice Notice with Signature form (word)
  • MNT Referral forms – one specifically for diabetes & the other blank so the MD can enter in their own ICD-10 codes (word)
  • Four different customizable Nutrition Assessment forms – 2 adults forms, 1 pediatric form & 1 Diabetic form (word)
  • A ‘How to Prepare Yourself for Your Nutrition Visit’ packet complete with a customizable Patient Demographic Form & Liability Form (word)
  • A customizable Communication Guidelines form (word)
  • A Medical Records Request form (word)
  • Customizable receipts for payment for an Initial Nutrition Visit, a Follow-up Visit, Insurance Co-Pays & No call/show missed nutrition appointment (word)
  • A customizable Fax Cover Sheet (word)
  • A customizable Weight Tracking Log (word)
  • A sample script to provide to your patients for verifying their health insurance (word)
  • A sample script to provide to your patients with exactly what to expect at their first nutrition visit (word)
  • Bonus: A sample Rate Sheet for initial & follow-up visits (pdf)
  • Bonus: Sample rates for several Nutrition Packages (pdf & word)Bonus: Sample meal plans templates (pdf)